WHMIS 2015 Program

All of our employees shall participate in a WHMIS 2015 educational program that is designed to ensure compliance to all applicable Federal and Provincial Occupational Health and Safety Legislation and/or regulations.

Our Organization ensures that employees are aware of the potential hazards that may arise when handling any controlled products that can be present in the workplace during the normal course of their job duties. Worker training and educational requirements made under the WHMIS legislation will be fulfilled by Universal Cleaners Inc.

This Company policy and our procedures apply to all of our Employees, Vendors and Sub Contractors across all locations.

Health Safety WHMIS 2015 Universal Cleaners Inc Hamilton
Health Saftey WHMIS 2015 Training Universal Cleaners Inc Hamilton

WHMIS 2015 Training Program

Item: Action Plan:
Training Training is provided in 3 separate methods;

1. Employee attends UCI Training facility for an in person session with a WHMIS Certified Trainer

2. Audio & Visual Training, where the quantity of controlled products are limited

3. At a Certified WHMIS Facility offering the course at their office

Evaluation -Records of training will be maintained onsite to prove compliance to legislation.

-H&S and Operations Manager will perform periodic audits to determine compliance with the program and to ensure that SDS sheets are up to date.

Communication The WHMIS training needs will be communicated through the new employee orientation handbook.

The Office Manager will keep records of all Certifications and direct renewals/training on expiring Certificates.

Acknowledgement Monthly Health and Safety meetings

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It is our responsibility and moral obligation to safeguard our customers, employees and the environment by operating in a healthy and safe way.