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Tile & Grout Cleaning Services

Does your business have a stone floor or tile surfaces that are starting to look a little worn? Is the grouting in your washing or changing facilities in need of freshening up?


Tile grout is porous and easily absorbs dirt, mold and lime scale. This sort of build-up soils the aesthetic of your tiles surface and is near impossible to remove with domestic cleaning products. Having clean grout and tiles is crucial in maintaining a welcoming and healthy environment in all commercial spaces.To ensure they are cleaned effectively, tiles and grout require pressure cleaning by professionals. This process refreshes their appearance and ensures they are hygienic.

Our UCI Specialty Services Team provides professional tile and grout cleaning to a variety of Businesses across Ontario using a combination of non-toxic cleaning solutions and high pressure techniques. This assures a deep and effective clean that will leave your tiles and grout looking like new.

We know that peace of mind is important to you!

The Importance of Clean Tiles and Grout

Having tiled floors and walls is preferred in building lobbies, bathrooms and kitchens due to the excellent durability, cost-effectiveness and ease of maintenance of the materials used. However, while ceramic tiles themselves might be easy to keep clean, the biggest problem tends to be looking after the grout. Even with regular cleaning, a tiled surface can start looking terrible within a matter of months because of the buildup of dirt, mold and grime in the grouting lines between the tiles. The grout, either cement- or epoxy-based, is what helps to hold the tiles in place, but over time, dirt and cracks may occur to the extent that it needs to be replaced. Fortunately, a professional clean can usually give the surfaces a new lease of life without requiring any major work to be done to the floor. Cleaning tiles and grout not only makes the floor look better: it also helps to eliminate bad odors and improve air quality by removing mold and other microorganisms.


High-Pressure Rinsing

We use specialized equipment to clear grime from those hard-to-reach places between the tiles, giving the entire surface a deep clean in the process. This fast and powerful cleaning hardware works by spraying jets of hot water at an adequate pressure to lift and rinse the dirt and grime from all areas of the surface. Unlike cleaning with a mop, or even more rigorously by hand with a sponge, our washing can reach into those inaccessible places. Thanks to the cutting-edge hardware that we use, washing your tile and grout is a relatively quick, simple and affordable process that will have your bathroom or kitchen floors and walls looking like new in no time. Our tile and grout cleaning methods are suitable for any ceramic tile surface.


Office & Building Cleaning

Commercial & Retail Cleaning

Educational Facility Cleaning

Food & Beverage Plant Cleaning

Event Support Services

Carpet Care Services

Carpet cleaning services and its importance for maintenance needs is part of our mission to provide un-matched Janitorial services.

Floor Waxing Services

Our UCI Specialty Services Team are experts in floor polishing and finishing. We truly stand out in this sector of the Janitorial industry.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Our UCI Specialty Services Team provides professional tile and grout cleaning using non-toxic cleaning solutions and high pressure techniques.

Window Cleaning

Windows are susceptible to dirt and other forms of defilements. For that reason, it is of absolute necessity to have them kept in the very best conditions at all times.

We are Professionals with a personal touch

One point contact means that you and your business are always our first priority.


Our approach is simple– we strive to WOW our clients on every clean, every time.

Regular and thorough cleaning by our skilled tile & grout cleaning technicians will extend the life of your tile investment, maintaining its beautiful appearance affordably and consistently.

Universal Cleaners Inc. continues to grow leaps and bounds. Servicing some of Canada’s most reputable chains and franchise retail stores – adding new contracts and still maintaining a healthy relationship with our partners who helped us become who we are. 

We take pride on accepting any challenge knowing that we are determined to exceed our client expectation.

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Our approach is simple– we strive to WOW our clients on every clean, every time.

What our Customers have to say...

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Brad LeCouter Business Owner

Top notch cleaning and services for all your needs. Kind, courteous, and professionalism standards are a benchmark from Universal Cleaners. With a recent collaboration with Spicer landscaping, you can have all your commercial needs attended to with one simple call. Would highly recommend Universal Cleaners when you want to take your business the next step.

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City of Brantford Procurement Dept

Always very co-operative and responsive to concerns. Cleaners do a great job and are very thorough. Our experience with Universal Cleaners has been entirely positive.”

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Laura A. Zoom Zoom's Playground

I have been very happy with the services provided to me by Universal Cleaners. They always do a great job of cleaning my business, are quick to reply to any questions I have, offer many services outside of cleaning (carpet repair, vinyl floor installation etc) and are always friendly and professional. I would highly recommend them to anybody looking for a great company to do business with

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Scott Bennett Property Services, McMaster Innovation Park

McMaster Innovation Park appreciates your dedication to excellent service provided to our facilities. Tony and his crew exceed my expectations and I congratulate you for your commitment to outstanding service. Universal Cleaners offer a wide range and complete janitorial cleaning services and work very hard to make sure the cleaning stays of high quality each day. If you want your property cleaned with quality that you yourself would do, then definitely hire Universal Cleaners. Thanks again for your professional service. I highly recommend Universal Cleaners if you want the best cleaning around

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Sue White Office Administrator St. John's Ambulance

We have been using Universal Cleaners for over 5 years now and we have never had to look elsewhere. Our Cleaners do a great job every time they visit. If there were any issues they were rectified immediately. Very happy.

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Lina Ferraro Acumen Insurance Group

Universal Cleaners has the best service, rates and colleagues. They are professionals in what they do and take such diligence in ensuring your space is spick and span from top to bottom! Their ability to get challenging tasks completed are second to none. Tony has extensive industry experience and one of the tougher jobs in his industry to ensure his clients are always satisfied with the quality of their cleaning. I would recommend Universal Cleaners for all your cleaning needs!

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Lesley Moffatt Celebration Church

Universal Cleaners has been cleaning our new space for the last few weeks and we have been so happy with the service we have received!

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Liz Dowling Sanimax

The team Universal Cleaners is the best cleaners we may have ever had. Thank you

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Dawn Mosey IFS

We at International Freight Systems recently contracted Universal Cleaners to clean our building. We knew they had been here the second we walked in the door. Our building had never smelled so clean! Not only did it smell good, everything was spotless!! We knew the building was quite dirty but didn’t realize how bad it was until Universal came in. They did everything asked of them but went above and beyond doing a Deep cleaning. They provided us with a list of all their services and what would be done weekly, monthly and quarterly. Very impressive. I would strongly recommend them to anyone looking for professional services. We look forward to having a long working relationship with them. Keep up the amazing job!!