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Quality Assurance

Our quality management system has been carefully designed to ensure that our policy and objectives are effectively implemented. We proactively solicit customer feedback in order to identify potential issues quickly and avoid them. All our services are tailored to our clients’ needs.

We consider employee and client relationships critical to the company’s success. In achieving our goals, we must never lose sight of the company’s commitment to highest standards of business conduct and excellence in service delivery. Thus, we have implemented a vigorous process to assure quality cleaning services in Hamilton and surrounding communities.

Hiring & Screening: When we interview people, we look for applicants who are highly motivated to do janitorial work, who have the right attitude, and who have the necessary abilities we are looking for.  The person we hire for the job is screened thoroughly.  We look for employees who have a good work history demonstrating trustworthiness and reliability, and they must have good references from previous employers that confirm the traits we are looking for in our employees.  

Thorough training: It’s not enough to just show a new employee how to clean.  We try to thoroughly train our people by demonstrating our methods, by observing and correcting the new employee’s work, by requiring that they read our Training Manual & Employee Handbook, and by following up with supervision and reinforcement training when needed.  We follow a checklist of training categories to ensure that nothing gets missed.

Supervision: We supervise our new employees frequently to ensure that they understand what is required of them and so that they learn to do quality work.  After they have proven they can be reliable and trustworthy, we continue to inspect their work on a weekly basis; more often depending on the difficulty of the building and the performance of the employee. Operations Managers do a equipment checklist on a monthly basis to assure they are properly maintained by on site staff and function properly

Regular evaluations: Feedback through regular evaluations is an important tool we use to let our employees know if their work performance and cleaning quality is meeting our standards.  It helps them understand where they need to improve, and clearly re-enforces our expectations.

Good communication: Showing respect, being supportive and clearly communicating expectations is very important to a positive working relationship and for getting good performance from employees.  Most people do better work when they are treated with respect and are recognized for their hard work and for the contribution they make.

Proper equipment and cleaning supplies: Cleaning personnel cannot clean efficiently and well without the proper equipment, tools and cleaning products to help them do good work.  We want our employees to take pride in their work.  When they know that they have the best tools and products at their disposal, it encourages them to do better work.  We make a huge effort to keep our carts clean and tidy and the janitorial supply areas organized.  Cleaning tools should be in good condition, and most importantly we service or replace our equipment regularly to ensure that they are in good condition.

WOW-ing clients with EVERY clean, EVERY time!

It is our responsibility and moral obligation to safeguard our customers, employees and the environment by operating in a healthy and safe way.

Quality Assurance Audit Plan (Sample)

Audit Item Supervisor or Lead Role Responsibilities Operation Manager Verification
On-site Information Packages Onsite package consists of:

-WHMIS Poster/Info
-H&S Policy & Booklet
-First Aid Kit
-WSIB 123 Poster
-Accident & Injury Forms
-Cleaners Log book
-MSDS Binder
-Emergency Contacts


-Onsite information is visible & up to date
– Staff are fully aware of available information
Job Routines -Visibility & awareness of job routines
-Coherence between administration & site job routine
-Routines are up to date & followed by staff
Chemicals -Educate staff how to confirm a product is green by pointing out Green Seal or Environmental Choice                                                        -Waste water disposal process
-Chemical is handled with gloves & dispensed directly onto cloth
-Verification of green chemicals labeling                                                        -Staff awareness of waste water disposal procedures
-Staff awareness of green chemical safety issues
-Connection can be made between bottle label and on-site WHMIS poster/MSD sheet
Equipment & Supplies -Training of staff in process, dilution rates & dispensing, labeling and PPE
-Ensure Supervisor follows chemical ordering processes and documentation.
-Staff/Supervisor understanding of the process for dispensing; dilutions, labeling, PPE · Utilization of the Order Form
Emergency Structure -Train staff on emergency evacuation procedures; -Staff familiarity with emergency procedures
Miscellaneous -Cleanliness of equipment and closet -Verification of same
Quality Assurance Professional Cleaning Hamilton Universal Cleaners Inc

Quality Assurance Inspection Sheet (Sample)

Score – 1=Poor, 2=Satisfactory, 3=Good, 4=Excellent
Entrance Rating Score Comments Date Completed
Door – Frames / Glass 4
Carpets – Mats 4
Floors Appearance 4
Wall spotting / Baseboards 4
Dusting – High / Low 4
Fire Hose Cabinets / Fountains 4
Lobby Furniture / Directory boards 4
Stairs – Steps / Landings / Railings 4
 Mirrors 4
Toilets (base as well) 4
Sinks 4
Urinals 4
Floors Appearance 4
Dusting – High / Low 4
Dispensers appearance/stocked with supplies 4
Air vents 4
Door – Frames Handles 4
Wall spotting / Baseboards 4
Doors- Frame/ Tracks 4
Carpets – Mats 4
Floors Appearance 4
Wall spotting / Baseboards 4
Dusting – High / Low 4
Railings 4
Air vents 4
Floors Appearance 4
Carpets – Mats 4
Tile Floors Appearance 4
Wall spotting / Baseboards 4
Dusting – High / Low 4
Air vents 4
Desks chairs cleanliness 4
Doors- Frame/ Glass 4
Floors Appearance 4
Furniture appearance 4
Counter top 4
Microwave 4
Fridge 4
Sinks 4
Janitorial Closet-Room
Organization of Supplies & Chemicals 4
Floor Appearance (swept/mopped) 4
Janitorial Sink Condition 4
Total Score 156
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