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We continue to uphold our promise to our customers in being their single point of contact for all their facility needs.  Our customized mobile power washing system is unique, it is like no other, and is designed to meet the various needs of our clients across all their respective industries. We will always continue to revisit these needs and be innovative to exceed expectations

Power Washing Services

We offer Pressure / Power Washing services and cover the needs of many Commercial Properties. Our Specialty Services team is equipped with the most advanced and state of art equipment that will result in a sparkling look of your commercial property!


We have invested heavily into our customized mobile power washing system in order to exceed all of our client’s maintenance needs. There is no challenge too great!

Our Mobile Power Washing system is unique and simply unmatched in our industry, here is why:


  • Customized Vacuum Filtration System equals no waste water! We promise to protect our environment while complying with governmental storm drain regulations
  • Our system is designed to recover water, dirt, grease, oil and more as it is filtered into our recycling system.
  • Advanced Recycling System, dirty water enters our recycling tank, the system traps dirt, grease, oil, etc and is directed into a filter (for safe disposal), the water is cleaned and reusable. The filter is then safely disposed of at an approved Municipal Facility. No longer must a client be concerned about their respective Municipal By-law
  • Output of 3500 PSI from the tip of the wand (standard power washer psi’s are measured from the pump, as water reaches the tip of the wand it loses significant PSI output)
  • Ability to switch between Cold & Hot water
  • Hot/Steam water temperature up to 150 degrees for melting of grease/oily residue and any other stubborn stains
  • Hydro Twister – mounted is a 28” base diameter rotary machine ideal for cleaning many surfaces and eliminate the need for a wand. Customized to dispense water solution onto the surface while suctioning the dirty water back into the recovery tank
  • Mounted is a 270-gallon water tank which allows washing where a water source may not be available or convenient
  • High Power Honda engine to maximize pressure output and assure smooth functionality
  • Mounted is a Generator for assured Power and allows work to be completed throughout the night
  • Customized 72” wand that can be twisted for easy access into tight spaces

We are highly confident in our UCI Specialty Services Team. It is of the utmost importance to us that our clients work in a safe and sanitary environment.  Our reputation continues to grow as leaders in carpet cleaning services by continuously revisiting our carpet cleaning methods and best practices.


Our Mobile Washing System allows us pressure wash any and all surfaces, most notably:

  • Commercial pathways, entryways and any exterior walkways
  • Exterior commercial properties – concrete, stone, synthetic, brick, siding, wood, stucco and more
  • Interior commercial properties – beams, walls, ceilings, industrial floors, food processing floors and more
  • Stadiums and arenas
  • Sport courts, Recs and Parks, Pool Decks
  • Restaurant grease traps
  • Spot Washing and Graffiti removal
  • Restaurant decks and patios
  • Parking lots – both above and underground
  • Full exterior residential services

Why Universal Cleaners to Pressure Wash Your Surfaces?

  • Our unique mobile power washing system is customized and is unmatched in our industry
  • Recycled dirty water equals no environmental waste
  • Meet and comply with governmental storm drain regulations
  • Ability to complete work weekends or overnight – thus eliminating the risk of injury to invitees
  • Our team has extensive experience in power washing and will take on any challenge
  • Our specialty services team utilizes state of the art equipment to ensure the job is completed in a timely manner and to the client’s expectations
  • Trained staff in handling hot/steam water pressure washing of 200+ degrees
  • A 100% satisfaction guarantee, exceptional customer service with an affordable price.

Office & Building Cleaning

Commercial & Retail Cleaning

Educational Facility Cleaning

Food & Beverage Plant Cleaning

Event Support Services

We are Professionals with a personal touch

One point contact means that you and your business are always our first priority.


Our approach is simple– we strive to WOW our clients on every clean, every time.

Regular and thorough cleaning by our skilled carpet cleaning technicians will extend the life of your carpet investment, maintaining its beautiful appearance affordably and consistently.

Universal Cleaners Inc. continues to grow leaps and bounds. Servicing some of Canada’s most reputable chains and franchise retail stores – adding new contracts and still maintaining a healthy relationship with our partners who helped us become who we are. 

We take pride on accepting any challenge knowing that we are determined to exceed our client expectation.

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Our approach is simple– we strive to WOW our clients on every clean, every time.

What our Customers have to say...

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Brad LeCouter Business Owner

Top notch cleaning and services for all your needs. Kind, courteous, and professionalism standards are a benchmark from Universal Cleaners. With a recent collaboration with Spicer landscaping, you can have all your commercial needs attended to with one simple call. Would highly recommend Universal Cleaners when you want to take your business the next step.

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Laura A. Zoom Zoom's Playground

I have been very happy with the services provided to me by Universal Cleaners. They always do a great job of cleaning my business, are quick to reply to any questions I have, offer many services outside of cleaning (carpet repair, vinyl floor installation etc) and are always friendly and professional. I would highly recommend them to anybody looking for a great company to do business with

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Scott Bennett Property Services, McMaster Innovation Park

McMaster Innovation Park appreciates your dedication to excellent service provided to our facilities. Tony and his crew exceed my expectations and I congratulate you for your commitment to outstanding service. Universal Cleaners offer a wide range and complete janitorial cleaning services and work very hard to make sure the cleaning stays of high quality each day. If you want your property cleaned with quality that you yourself would do, then definitely hire Universal Cleaners. Thanks again for your professional service. I highly recommend Universal Cleaners if you want the best cleaning around