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Tony Youssef Universal Cleaners Hamilton Cleaning Services

president and founder

Tony Youssef

Universal Cleaners Inc. was established in 2008 by founder and current President Tony Youssef. With a background in Business, Quality Assurance and Customer Service, Tony moved into the Janitorial service industry following the footsteps of his older sibling and role model Isaak Youssef. After visiting his sibling in Australia, Tony with the help of his sibling, developed a vision to provide un-matched cleaning and janitorial solutions to a broad Commercial and Industrial clientele. He began to build Universal Cleaners Inc with the closest people to his heart, his sister Rozalyn and best friend Pasquale.  Surrounded with people who shared the same vision, Universal Cleaners Inc was launched in the new developing area of Binbrook, part of the Greater Hamilton region. Tony hired Dennis Gregorio as Vice President, after a strong friendship was built based on moral values which highlighted the importance of having happy employees, thus resulting in a happy clientele. Tony oversees the company’s operation which now stretches across Southern Ontario and continues to provide un-matched janitorial cleaning services. A dedicated and active member in the community with a passion for animals, Tony launched the inaugural fundraiser event to benefit sheltered animals in 2015.

Vice President of Sales & Procurement

Rozalin Youssef

Rozalin was a part of Universal Cleaners team since its inception in April of 2008.  Rozalin joined Tony's business venture and to this date plays an integral part to Universal Cleaners success. Rozalin had already been established in the Janitorial Services industry for 5 years before helping our organization launch.  With a background in cleaning, being a team lead and supervising, Rozalin was the perfect fit to manage Universal’s operations and did so for the following 10 years. Rozalin, managed sensitive and important accounts for our Universal Cleaners Organization.  Assuring that both, clients and employees are happy to be partnered and employed by our company across Southern Ontario. Rozalin is a integral part of our growing organization and during this she developed exceptional Management and quoting skills.  Her ability to establish and build networking relationships became one of her strengths and because of this has helped our Organization connect and secure new accounts. Rozalin felt that she was ready for a new challenge, in 2022 Rozalin became our Company's VP of Sales & Procurement and is keen to broaden our Company's reach to greater heights.

Vice President of Operations

Dennis Gregorio

Dennis Gregorio joined Universal Cleaners Inc. in January 2016 as the Company’s Vice President of Operations.  Dennis has been in the Janitorial Service Industry for the past 15 years and has been employed by some of Canada’s largest Janitorial Service Providers.  During such time, Dennis managed various accounts across the province of Ontario and upwards of 150 employees directly reporting to him. Before venturing into the Janitorial Service Industry however, Dennis first excelled his Management and Customer service skills in Retail.  This gave him a strong foundation of Employee Management, Customer Service and Sales.  In 2015, Dennis met Tony and a friendship was born due to shared values and emphasis on work life balance and assuring that employees remain the core of any successful company.  Dennis has since remained an integral part of Universal Cleaners Inc.’s success and continues to be the Company’s ambassador in assuring a safe, healthy and happy work environment for all UCI employees.

Our Vision

The Power of Optimism.

To be the leading Commercial & Industrial Cleaning Service provider across Ontario through Integrity, Progressiveness, Competitiveness & Customer Service.

Our company continues to build a great reputation through our 4 pillars to success.

Integrity, progressiveness, competitiveness and customer service.

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why choose us?

Our approach is simple– we strive to WOW our clients on every clean, every time.

Universal Cleaners Inc. continues to grow leaps and bounds. Servicing some of Canada’s most reputable chains and franchise retail stores – adding new contracts and still maintaining a healthy relationship with our partners who helped us become who we are. 

100% Customer Rentention

Since 2010 we are proud to have not lost a single client

24 Hour Priority Service

You and your business are always our first priority.

Professional Quality

Our cleaning teams are efficient, fully trained and certified.

Enviromental Safety

We use healthier, safer, environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Equipment Upgrades

We invest in the latest Janitorial Equipment to service your facility.

Accurate Pricing

Our state of the art quoting system will provide you with accurate pricing.


Operational Plan

Universal Cleaners Inc. continuously revisits existing partnered accounts to assure best practices are applied.  Our Company approach overall is reliant on understanding the required services to be rendered, the Health, Safety and Environmental risks at hand and a high level of communication plus coordination of all parties involved in the provision of services.

The following steps would need to be adhered to and be seamless at all times in order to achieve a positive impact on all accounts:

  • The scope of services is identified
  • The “points of pain” by the Client are reviewed
  • Evaluation of Health and Safety risks
  • Environmental considerations
  • Staffing considerations
  • Identification of Equipment and Supplies required to furnish the labour
  • Identifying immediate actions required to service the account
  • Develop a Start-Up Action Plan and review with Client
  • Execute action plans and targets set with the Client
  • Establish timelines for Management inspections, tours and periodic meetings with Client

We are Professionals with a personal touch

One point contact means that you and your business are always our first priority.

Core Values

Universal Cleaners Inc. lives by its core values and its ethical principles. Every employee in the Group is expected to share these values and principles. At the center of our ethical principles is our commitment to business integrity. Adherence to these uncompromising standards is part of what it means to be an employee of a best-in-class company. Our employees must never compromise adherence to this statement for financial or personal gain. We do not tolerate any practice that is not born of honesty, integrity and fairness, anywhere where we do business.

 We are advocates of progress. We realize that methods and practices continuously evolve. Our group works diligently to develop new methods to enhance the cleanliness of our client’s facilities. This is achieved through the use of “state of the art” machinery and continuous training and developing of our staff.

Value creation is the primary aim of any business entity. We create value for our customers through incentives and service. It is through our exceptional service that our customers have become our biggest advocates.

Listed on every Company’s core value, but seldom achieved. Our Leadership team stems from Customer Service. It is simple, follow through on your promises in a timely manner. And we make sure the same message is delivered to our front line staff.

Professional Cleaning Services

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Our approach is simple– we strive to WOW our clients on every clean, every time.