Health & Safety

Universal Cleaners Inc. is committed to provide a healthy and safe work environments for all employees, contractors, subcontractors, customers and visitors at all of its client’s facilities. It is our policy to provide cleaning services without creating unnecessary and unacceptable risks for all persons. We remain committed to the prevention of workplace injury with the goal of a workplace with zero injuries and accidents.

Our Managers and Supervisors are held accountable for the health and safety of all staff. Through regular site visits they ensure that all sites are free of hazards, and in compliance with all government regulations.

Our employees are trained on safe operating procedures, and site specific job duties to ensure compliance with all legislation and aid in providing a safe work environment.

Universal Cleaners Inc. requires all employees to actively participate in a WHMIS educational program designed to ensure compliance to all Federal and Provincial Occupational Health and Safety legislation and/or regulations.

Our Health and Safety policies are constantly reviewed, and a detailed assessment is conducted on a quarterly basis to ensure health and safety policies and procedures continue to meet the needs of the business and regulatory standards.

A commitment to health and safety requires a supportive culture. Universal Cleaners fosters this culture through open and on-going dialogue about health and safety, workplace violence and harassment, hazard identification and injury and illness reporting,  encouraging all staff to make health and safety a top priority and encouraging them to be vigilant, and by recognizing employees who contribute to a positive health and safety record.

Health and Safety Cleaning Standards Universal Cleaners

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It is our responsibility and moral obligation to safeguard our customers, employees and the environment by operating in a healthy and safe way.

Health & Safety Training

Personal Protective Equipment Training

-The use of rubber gloves is required when handling various chemicals as indicated on the MSDS

-The proper use for safety glasses, helmet and boots are reiterated regularly given the service location

Electrical Equipment Training

-Training will be provided for the use of ladders and/or special equipment (site specific) prior to operation of any equipment

-Equipment training will include loose or long cord hazards and all other site-specific hazards

Handling Material Training

-Instructions for physical requirements including the proper method for bending, lifting and proper material handling will be included with equipment training

Signs Training

-Wet floor signs must be present in all areas where mopping has occurred

-Signs should also be placed when vacuuming to ensure that no one trips over any exposed cords

-Signs must be used for any floors which have been stripped and or waxed

First Aid & Emergency Contacts Training

-The First Aid Kit will be located inside the Janitorial station

-Emergency Contact info will be inside the Log Book and Janitorial station

Accident Procedures Training

In case of an on job accident or injury a report must be filed immediately to your Supervisor and an injury/accident report must be filed in order to generate a WCB (Workers Compensation Board) report.

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