Floor Waxing Services

Our UCI Specialty Services Team are experts in floor polishing and finishing.  We truly stand out in this sector of the Janitorial industry. We love to educate our Clients about floor care and its maintenance demands so that they too can appreciate a finished product, just like we do.  In Canada, the favourite choice of flooring is Vinyl.  It can be made of several materials, the most common being true vinyl, thermoplastic and linoleum, which is making a comeback due to its versatility and good wearing properties. All are smooth, water resistant to a high degree and can be polished to a virtually mirror-like finish. Care must be taken to protect the surface, once the surface finish becomes abraded by foot traffic, it becomes progressively more difficult to maintain a highly polished finish, and if the wear is bad enough it can prove to be virtually impossible. It’s therefore essential to start maintaining the floor surface from the moment it is laid.

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Floor Waxin Services Hard Floor Care Universal Cleaners Inc
Floor Waxin Services Hard Floor Care Universal Cleaners Inc

What exactly is Vinyl?

When it comes to vinyl flooring, there are several major subgroups that are all generally referred to as vinyl. It evolved from linoleum and is typically a mixture of cork powder or other wood dust, pigments and binding agents that are pressed into sheets. They are then covered with a transparent wear-resistant layer, this seals the vinyl underneath and gives the tiles a finished look that varies from matte to glasslike shine. Vinyl has always been popular because it boasts excellent qualities, it is durable and affordable, looks appealing, and is fairly easy to maintain. Of course, one of the greatest things about vinyl flooring is that it comes in great ranges of colours and patterns, ultimately there is no look that cannot be mimicked by vinyl flooring.

What exactly is Linoleum?

Linoleum, commonly abbreviated to “lino”, is a flooring material that was first patented in 1863. Its name comes from the main ingredient it’s made from, solidified linseed oil that is boiled and mixed with molten resins, powdered cork, wood dust, fine limestone and other raw materials. Finally, the mixture is formed into sheets by applying heat and pressure. Genuine linoleum is extremely long wearing floor coating, it gets stronger with age because the linseed oil gets harder as it oxidizes slowly over time.

Cleaning & Sealing Vinyl / Linoleum Floors

At Universal Cleaners Inc., we know that polishing of vinyl and linoleum floors is not that hard, but there are many small things you need to think of and allow for in order to achieve the perfect results.

Our UCI Specialty Services Team services cleaning and polishing of vinyl and linoleum floors and their long term protection by employing state of the art equipment and technical expertise. We always use non-toxic finishing agents, materials and agents that can be of health hazard are not in our product portfolio and have never been.

The polish is the uppermost layer of your vinyl or linoleum flooring that prevents dirt and liquids from penetrating and staining the floor. It should be reapplied regularly. While some companies recommend that this be done once or twice per year, and the rest as the appearance dictates, the truth is it should be done periodically at least twice a year. This involves stripping the previous polish using manufacturer’s approved products and applying a new layer. In most cases dry buffing to achieve maximum shine, surface gloss and durability. While the latter technique is not always necessary, it’s the only option when it comes to dealing with permanent stain, burns and deep scratches. Finally, a freshly stripped floor requires a recommended 5 layers of polish for acceptable gloss and surface protection.

We are highly confident in our UCI Specialty Services Team and have the experience to rejuvenate any type of floor in its worst condition.  Our reputation continues to grow as leaders in the Floor Care and maintenance cleaning sector of the Janitorial industry by continuously revisiting our Floor Care and Polishing methods and practice.

We know that peace of mind is important to you, it is the same with us!

Our UCI Specialty Services Team are;

  • Fully insured
  • Certified Cleaners
  • Experts in Floor Care and Polish cleaning challenges

That’s how we differ from the competition and why you should choose us!

Floor Waxin Services Hard Floor Care Universal Cleaners Inc
Floor Waxing Services Hard Floor Care Universal Cleaners Inc
Floor Waxin Services Hard Floor Care Universal Cleaners Inc
Floor Waxin Services Hard Floor Care Universal Cleaners Inc

Hard Surface Floor Care & Floor Waxing Services

UCI Specialty Services Team has the experience and expertise to rejuvenate any type of floor, even in its worse condition.