Equipment & Maintenance Plan

UCI uses the best available equipment in order to maximize results.  All equipment on site is maintained as per the manufacturer’s guidelines. By keeping our equipment regularly maintained it will allow us to ensure the equipment’s proper functioning and eliminate any risk of causing injury or damage.

The Following items are regularly addressed to ensure optimal operating conditions:

  • Equipment is regularly cleaned by UCI Specialty Crew to assure good working order.
  • Maintenance records for equipment serviced are stored to assure timely maintenance status.
  • Equipment will not pose any additional risks to people or the environment in which it is used.
  • Equipment will be replaced when a newer/improved model is released by the Manufacturer.


Part of our equipment policy includes that our fellow partnered Contractor’s must use UCI approved Brand of equipment and meet our Company Policy with respect to the condition of said equipment which is to be used at our Clients facility.

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It is our responsibility and moral obligation to safeguard our customers, employees and the environment by operating in a healthy and safe way.